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Forklift safety training is required by Federal and State law and must be done onsite at your facility.  Forklift Operator Certification Services is the west coast leader in onsite forklift safety training and certification of operators and in house trainers.  From State Government warehousing to Technical College curriculum, from businesses large and small to those in between, we provide facilities with the most cost effective, informative, and compliant onsite forklift training and certification possible. To schedule onsite training or if you have questions call 888-801-9991 or email us on our "contact us" page.

Whether it's State Compliance or the OSHA Final Rule (29 CFR1910.178), forklift safety training must include three elements: your equipment, your environment, and your product. And this is what we do.  Our forklift safety instructors focus on the required site specific class of equipment that you use ( I to VII ), in your environment (docks, ramps etc.), addressing your product (product handling).   

Who is FOCS?

Forklift Operator Certification Services was established to promote the safety practices of forklift operators.  With the Final Rule written in December 1999, we understood then, as now, that we continue to be miles ahead of the competition both in scope and technique.  With offices in Washington State (Tacoma, Seattle, etc.), Oregon (Portland, Salem, etc.), and California (San Jose, San Francisco, Sacramento, etc.), we offer not only current Federal OSHA compliance, but also State WISHA, OR-OSHA, or CAL OSHA compliance, and it's at your facility.  Whether your operators are experienced or not, we provide the skill training and safety Certification (onsite) that is required to avoid the nearly 95,000 injuries and 100 deaths annually associated with uncertified drivers or inadequate training. 

 We also offer a superior onsite "Train the Trainer" course that furnishes your designated trainer with a complete training format with guidelines and required topics throughout, document file forms, driver technique, and onsite recommendations to conduct forklift training sessions and certify your operators properly.

Our network of customers choose to do business with us because of the value of our training materials and our superior forklift training services.  Focus is our trade name, FOCS, and without the U (you) we would not be the leader that we are.