Forklift Operator Certification Services
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Forklift training onsite

Train The Trainer

Hands on Certification of your designated trainer at your facility.  Includes site specifics and recommendations, and our complete Federal and State compliant training manual and all training documentation including exams, workbooks, evaluation forms, etc. Training takes 4 hours.  Group discounts.

Call Toll free 888-801-9991 to schedule onsite training.        $599.00 each  


Operator Certification Training

On site Certification of your operators at your facility. Formal, practical, demonstration, and evaluation elements will be performed in this OSHA and State compliant Certification course. Our programs include all compliant topics and documentation. Operators will be issued a 3 year certificate. Beginner to Experts.  Training takes approximately 4 hours. $150 per operator.  Group discounts as low as $70 per operator

   Call toll free 888-801-9991 to schedule onsite training. As low as $70 per operator